Mike Kane Artist Statement

I was a self taught photographer from 1978. I was made redundant from my admin/photography job in 1993. I then got the chance to do a full time photography course for a year. I studied photography in Dunfermline, Scotland. I then worked as a semi professional photographer and contributed to a Photographic Agency.

After moving to Australia in 2007, I began teaching at the Port Macquarie Community College (now Skills Link Training). I’ve met and made friends with some of the people I’ve taught. Now I am teaching less there and more from home.

My photography covers a wide range of situations and topics. I am a competent nature photographer. I shoot underwater as well. I enjoy documenting old buildings. I shoot models in my home studio to use in photographic art. I am comfortable in many different situations, knowing how my equipment works and how to use it in these different situations.

Although the world is now obsessed with images online and on social media, I still prefer to see prints of my work and to show those prints to others.

My website is presented to show the range of my work and for the inspiration of others. Enjoy!

[Above photo by Denise McDermott]